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Sun glare can be a major issue for any pilot.

Airplanes already crashed and people died because the pilot was blinded while landing.

The internet is full of references about it :








The problem is amplified with reflections on sea waves.  Seoul, Osaka and Hong-Kong are examples of airports surrounded by sea.  Hong-Kong airport tracks are almost oriented East-West : where the sun goes up and down. 







Ladewifin can help against sun glare.  Moreover, the relative air speed will cool the sensor down.

Even in the worst conditions, LADEWIFIN can be activated just a minute before touch-down without risk of irreversible damage to the sensor.

The low-cost package won't cause much damages to aerodynamics.


Driving assistance.


Ladewifin will increase safety, efficiency & comfort while driving

  • at night, with deficient public street illumination
  • at day, facing direct sunlight
  • at night, facing vehicles with defective lamps or wild animals or obstacles,
  • entering or leaving tunnels on sunny days
  • driving in the fog that desaturates the colors (thanks to the 23/bits/pixel/color)
  • forward, backwards
  • looking in the driving direction or opposite direction (during overtake)








In a car, the GPS knows the position, direction of the car, the date & time.  The GPS can deduct the position of the sun relatively to the car.  The GPS can automatically enable the LADEWIFIN camera + display. 




Fighting a fire requires to look at a very contrasted picture, especially at night.

Ladewifin can increase the fight's efficiency.  Especially if survivors expect urgent help.

Moreover, a small part of the water can be temporary deviate to cool the sensor's down, increase the S/N ratio and boost the dynamic range.













29 x 29 m² is the perfect size for dental x-ray applications.








In radiology,

  • the dark zones are very dark, the bright zones are very bright,
  • the first shot must be the last shot, with correct exposure time because of toxic radiations,

 this will fit the Ladewifin's performances.




For traffic monitoring or in banks or any place where safety accepts no compromise, Ladewifin will help the prevention of malicious activities and for example, the doors can be closed on time.










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