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On earth, transparent devices (lenses, prisms)

  • deviate the directions of the rays,
  • protect the sensor(s) against dust,
  • generate parasite reflections : ghost pictures damaging the dynamic range.

In space, a mechanical shutter provides enough protection against dust.

Therefore, cameras

  • almost without parasite reflections (thanks to no transparent devices),
  • with tunable zoom,
  • with tunable focus

are possible.

















The package will be only the visible part of the iceberg.  Most of innovations will be in the sensor, which are all intellectual property of Siliax.

The sensor's overheat problems will depend on many parameters, for example if

  • the sun is in direct view,
  • the sun is in indirect view (through reflection on metallic parts),
  • artificial light source(s) are in view.

This will make Ladewifin especially suitable for spatial rendez-vous and docking manoeuvres.


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