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Airplane carriers.


During landing & take-off procedures, an airplane carrier must sail upwards the wind.  This might generate an issue if this direction also points at the sun.  The sun and its reflection on the water can increase the difficulty and danger.   Ladewifin can improve the vision of the pilot and the navigation system for a quicker and safer result. 



Moreover, 500Hz frame rate may help faster reaction of automatized navigation systems if the carrier is moving because of waves.


Defeating terrorism.


Information & intelligence is the best way to anticipate teracts and to save lives.
Terrorists do not attack only soldiers but police and civilians as well.

Nobody initiates an attack with the sun in the face.  Ladewifin “military” purpose will be mainly defensive.  Terrorists defence = use human shield. They don’t wear black & white clothes, respectively.

They can also use smoke to hide themselves by desaturating the colors.  Beyond the large dynamic range, the 23bits/pixel/color depth will also help defeating them.






Ladewifin can be combined with non-lethal weapons, for maximal protection of lives.




Ladewifin can eventually also be used

  • in submarine periscopes,
  • to observe explosion tests, especially since 500Hz frame rate is possible.












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